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About Davy

I grew up in Sunderland in the industrial north of England. Music was very prevalent in the area from big local bands through to working men’s club bar bands and miners’ brass bands. My father’s side of the family were all singers and pianists and I was brought up with a passion for music of all kinds. I got into rock at an early age, buying T-Rex, Slade and Bowie albums at 9 or 10 with saved pocket money. By 11, I was an obsessive Beatles and Who fan, and when a girl called Louise Hutchinson leant me a battered cassette of Led Zeppelin IV a year later, life was never the same again.


Sunderland rockers 1980. Left to right: Eric, Gary J, Cocko (standing), yours truly, Harve

Record collecting, shows and embroidering band names onto the back of my Levis jacket were my passions. Girls and beer may have just snuck in above the needlework – I can’t quite remember. Whether it was money from my milk round collections or my student grant, it all went into the quest to reach rock nirvana. Still does to a large extent. Sorry babe:)

Upon leaving university, I worked at Hastings Records in Phoenix Arizona for a few months and then went home to work behind the sales counter at Virgin Records in Newcastle. Long story short, I stayed with Virgin for 21 years, becoming Chief Marketing Officer for the US division. To this day, I’ve hoarded all of my tickets, programs, promo stuff and more that I bought or was kindly given.

For the past 36 years, I’ve played in bands. I was originally a (pitiful) drummer, but the ego became too much and I decided to be the lead vocalist and play a bit of guitar on the side.

Most of my closest life friends have come from being bandmates in Tender Mercies, 44 The Law, The Flaming Moes, The Glittering Moes, Not Quite Dwight, Roscoe, The Stoats, Pepperland and Patchwork Orange.


The Stoats – Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles 2002.   Left to Right: Vince, me, Paul, John, Dax



Patchwork Orange – performing the entire Led Zeppelin IV – Sebastopol CA 2001


Pepperland – Santa Rosa, 2011. Left to right: Jane, Robert, me, Robin, Gary, Will (Steve not pictured)

I lived in California for 15 years (it’s still my spiritual home) and moved to Austin Texas in 2013. Late last year, love brought me to St Petersburg Florida, and when I arrived Kate, my partner, suggested that instead of leaving all my memorabilia in boxes, I should build an archive.

So as of now, there are about 1000 pieces on the blog with about another 2500 to go, excluding any LPs, CDs etc. It’s going be a busy year!

In my “real world”, I’m a brand consultant and often work on music or popular culture related assignments. I’m currently working with Iron Maiden, promoting their beer, Trooper. Take a look at

I look forward to reminiscing together through your comments on the blog. Thanks for checking it out!

Davy Alder

Jan 2015