Jackson Browne – London 1993 Jan09

Jackson Browne – London 1993

It was a quiet Sunday night and I knew he was playing but thought that as I’d seen him a few times I wouldn’t bother going. By 8pm it was all too much and I hopped on the tube and went. Such is the lure of the...

Stevie Nicks – London 1989 Jan09

Stevie Nicks – London 1989

The Other Side of The Mirror tour. Good...

Lenny Kravitz – Los Angeles 2005 Jan09

Lenny Kravitz – Los Angeles 2005

One of the last times I saw Lenny. I remember thinking that I was probably one of only 20 blokes in the audience. Total opposite of a Rush...

INXS – London 1993 Jan09

INXS – London 1993

No memory of it.

U2 – London 1993

We’d just opened a Megastore in Norwich and celebrated on the way back on the train before heading straight up to Wembley to see U2. This was the night that Salmon Rushdie came on stage with them. Strange but brave. We went to the pub afterwards and I won a baseball glove in a trivia...

Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson Jan09

Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson

Two of rocks greats. What can you say? Check this...