Stevie Nicks – London 1989 Jan09

Stevie Nicks – London 1989

The Other Side of The Mirror tour. Good...

Lenny Kravitz – Los Angeles 2005 Jan09

Lenny Kravitz – Los Angeles 2005

One of the last times I saw Lenny. I remember thinking that I was probably one of only 20 blokes in the audience. Total opposite of a Rush...

INXS – London 1993 Jan09

INXS – London 1993

No memory of it.

U2 – London 1993

We’d just opened a Megastore in Norwich and celebrated on the way back on the train before heading straight up to Wembley to see U2. This was the night that Salmon Rushdie came on stage with them. Strange but brave. We went to the pub afterwards and I won a baseball glove in a trivia...

Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson Jan09

Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson

Two of rocks greats. What can you say? Check this...

AC/DC – Donington 1991 Jan09

AC/DC – Donington 1991

Also Metallica, Queensryche, Motley Crue and the Black Crowes. DC released their set on...

Nils Lofgren Jan09

Nils Lofgren

We were on a short vacation down in Cornwall and Nils just happened to be playing in St Austell of all...

John Mellencamp Jan09

John Mellencamp

A truly excellent show at the Bowl. So much...

Rose Of Avalanche – London 1987 Jan09

Rose Of Avalanche – London 1987

This was at the Clarendon in Hammersmith. The club night was called Klub Foot and usually featured psychobilly bands like the Meteors, and occasionally goth rockers like Rose of...

Bob Dylan – Los Angeles 2002 Jan09

Bob Dylan – Los Angeles 2002

This was the first of 3 nights he played at the Wiltern. Quite a strange setlist. Lots of covers...

Coachella – Indio 2006 Jan09

Coachella – Indio 2006

I remember sitting behind Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. Pumpkins and White Stripes year I...

Yes – London 2004 Jan09

Yes – London 2004

John P and I were in the UK and got back from seeing the Who and Bowie at the Isle of Wight the night before this Yes show. We’d picked up some bug and on the way to the show, on the South Bank actually, I threw up three days of crappy festival food and awful beer, and never made it to...

Rosanne Cash – London 1997 Jan09

Rosanne Cash – London 1997

The Jazz Cafe isn’t the most comfortable venue when it’s packed but it’s tiny so a show like this is always worth seeing there. She was...

Van Morrison – Dublin 1993 Jan09

Van Morrison – Dublin 1993

I used to work in Dublin quite a lot, so when I saw that Van was playing at the newly-opened Point Theater, I cooked up a reason as to why I had to be in town that specific day and asked our friends at Polygram if they could hook me up, which they duly did. I finish work and we have a few...

Faith No More – London 1992 Jan09

Faith No More – London 1992

I remember going to the show under protest, but coming out rather impressed. Only time I ever saw them, I...

Spin Doctors – London 1993 Jan07

Spin Doctors – London 1993

Yuck. Awful. Why o why??

Lambchop – Los Angeles 1999 Jan07

Lambchop – Los Angeles 1999

It seemed like there was about 103 of them crushed together...

Bjorn Again – Los Angeles 2000 Jan07

Bjorn Again – Los Angeles 2000

You can’t go wrong with a little Abba! Or a big...

Kris Kristofferson – London 1995 Jan07

Kris Kristofferson – London 1995

Stunning show in the perfect venue for...

Thompson Twins – Leeds 1983 Jan07

Thompson Twins – Leeds 1983

Really?? Surely not??? Good lord.