Van Morrison – Dublin 1993 Jan09


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Van Morrison – Dublin 1993


I used to work in Dublin quite a lot, so when I saw that Van was playing at the newly-opened Point Theater, I cooked up a reason as to why I had to be in town that specific day and asked our friends at Polygram if they could hook me up, which they duly did.

I finish work and we have a few Guinness’s before heading to the show. It was dull. He noodled and played a few deep cuts, and after a while the Guiness in the pub was calling our names, so we left and hit the pub thinking we’d made a good decision.

Next morning I was reading the paper and there was a shot of an ecstatic crowd in front of Van onstage for the encore…with….Bob Dylan, some of the U2 lads, Nanci Griffith and many more.

O well, you can’t win em all.